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Secondary Technical School in Mladá Boleslav


The school with a long tradition was established in 1867. It is one of the first technical schools in Czech lands. Originally it prepared trainees and craftsmen. Since the WW1 it has educated plenty of specialists for the Czech machinery, aircraft and car industries. School development has always been closely related with the local car factory expansion. In the 1920s – 1930s and the first period after the WW2 it was the only special technical school of machinery in Czechoslovakia. Since 1927 the school has been settled in a remarkable building whose author is an outstanding architect Jiří Kroha. The building itself was officially proclaimed a national historic building.

Present Days

Nowadays the school provides full secondary education in the study programmes for technical positions as well as for further university studies. Teaching at our school is focused on new technology which is used not only in special subjects. The basic trend of all courses is the computer exploitation in the typical engineering operations and spreading into other related branches (engineering – transport – economics) which is essential for modern technology development. Computers usage is the main content of a new ICT study programme.

The most significant component of technical education in our school is teaching of CATIA programme that is used in most of regional firms cooperating with the Škoda Auto stock company or is used in the development section of that firm itself. CATIA programme knowledge helps our school-leavers to find employment at the labour market.

School partners

Our school study is traditionally connected with car production in the firm Auto Škoda s.c. Mladá Boleslav and it involves students‘ work experience in that factory. A lot of graduates have been employed there for their lifelong career. The school keeps close links with other local or regional companies (AUFEER Design, ŠKO-ENERGO, BILSING AUTOMATION, AUTO KELLY, VYRTYCH, BOSCH, METRONET, AUTOZÍTKA, FAURECIA, T-MOBILE etc.).

Extended foreign language studies, possibility to obtain driving licence and support of our students‘ leisure time activities make the school more attractive and tempting.

Study programmes

Today we offer 4-year study programmes for 400 boys and girls:

  • IT systems at machinery
  • Information technology
  • Public transport management and operating
  • Engineering technical administration

If you have any questions about the school in English, feel free to contact school secretariat via e-mail ‌sekretariat@‍spsmb.cz.